About the Author: Elodie Boal

Outspoken Identity features the blog, achievements, works and endeavours of Elodie Boal.   These are her stories. 

Journalist. Actress. Scriptwriter. Movie Reviewer. News Presenter. Marketing Coordinator. Comedian. Optimist. Business Woman. Social Commentator. Christmas Enthusiast. Motley Crue Fanatic. 

In December 2012, I graduated from a double degree of Journalism and Business (majoring in International Business) with distinction.  From a very young age, I have always been interested in what is happening around me and retelling stories to my friends.  I’m the sort of person who actively seeks new challenges and loves pushing myself to reach new goals.

By day, I work as a Marketing Coordinator, Movie/Theatre Reviewer and Journalist.  But in my spare time, I act, script write, traveltour, research and social network yes, where does my “spare” time go!  I love meeting new people and experiencing new opportunities.  I live in Brisbane and have all my life.  Recently, I’ve broadened my horizons and ventured to America and Outback Australia.  My eyes are opening up to the world around me and I’m maturing into a person my family would be proud of.

“The outside of me is painted with smiles, curly hair and bows depending on whether it coordinates with my outfit.  The inside of this vessel is much more deeper than what it seems.  It’s tainted by the path I’ve walked down, but is encouraged by the dreams I hold in my left pocket.   I’m a believer and push myself to become the greatest version of me that I can possibly be.  I know I will go far in life and I’m determined to achieve the goals that I’ve set myself.  I am what I am, and nobody can change that.  The five greatest things in life are my family, friends, laughter, smiles and Motley Crue.  And these ensure the dimples in my cheeks last forever.”

Elodie Boal


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